First UL-certified panel built

First UL-certified panel built Fire prevention specialist for North America In addition to being a specialist in building fire prevention systems for Europe, we can also call ourselves specialists for North America. We recently built our first UL-certified panel for America.  Fire prevention system LOX This means that this electrical control panel, which controls our […]

Presscon expands in North America

Presscon expands in North America Canadian entrepreneur Gabe Schieven driven to expand Presscon’s presence in North America Presscon and Schieven are working together to establish a subsidiary in Canada in the central Okanagan area. This will be Presscon’s second location and will serve as a launchpad for various projects in North America. The focus is […]

Moving an oxygen reduction system

Mission accomplished! Moving the existing LOX system in a fully operational cold store with frozen products. Without shutting down the operation. We were happy to take on this challenge. Successfully.

Working at the heart of our preventing system

Working at the heart of our preventing system Warehouseprotectionsystem The control cabinet is the heart of our oxygen fire prevention system LOX. It controls the various components of the total system. Such as the nitrogen production units , various compressors and refrigeration dryers. Among other things, it also receives data from a large number of […]

Agristo N.V. – Nazareth, Belgium

Agristo N.V. in Nazareth, Belgium Agristo N.V. Agristo N.V. is a renowned company with its head office in Harelbeke (Belgium) and with additional production locations in Nazareth and Tilburg (The Netherlands). Agristo specializes in the production of a wide range of frozen and fried potato products, such as French fries. After its foundation more than […]

Dafgard’s project – Sweden

Dafgard’s project Sweden Dafgårds Dafgårds is a Swedish food producer founded in 1937 by Gunnar Dafgård. Dafgårds is a family business known as a pioneer in frozen meals. The success and continuity of the company is due to the family’s commitment to follow the ambition of their grandfather Gunnar, the focus on quality and innovation. […]

LOX fire prevention system for an automatic cold store

Delivered in Southern Europe LOX fire prevention system delivered for an automatic cold store in Southern Europe. At the beginning of this year we delivered a LOX fire prevention system for an automatic cold store in Southern Europe.A few years ago, an oxygen reduction system was installed at this company by one of our competitors. […]

VdS testing of LOX Detect successfully completed

VdS testing LOX Oxygen Sensor VdS testing of LOX Detect Precision Oxygen Sensor is successfully completed For the last 2.5 years we have been very busy obtaining approval from VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH Germany for our LOX Detect Precision Oxygen sensor. We are therefore very proud that we were told in January that all tests had […]

LOX Fire Prevention System in France

LOX Fire Prevention System by Vandemoortele Vandemoortele – LOX Fire Prevention System – Athies, France FX Prevent is proud to announce the completion of a LOX Fire Prevention system, commissioned by Belgian food producer VANDEMOORTELE, in Athies, France. Vandermoortele is a Belgian family business founded in 1899. The company specializes in confectionery products, culinary oils […]

Euroberry South Africa

Euroberry South Africa First LOX Fire Prevention Recently, FX-Prevent delivered the first LOX Fire Prevention System in South Africa. The LOX installation was commissioned by Euroberry (Pty Ltd) and brokered by our South African distributors, Nitro-Gen Africa. Euroberry is a supplier of frozen fruit in the South African market with in its range: fruit purees, […]