Our LOX system for fire prevention

LOX: the complete fire prevention system

FX Prevent is the specialist in fire prevention through oxygen reduction. Our LOX (Low Oxygen) system prevents fires by reducing the oxygen level within an area through a regulated inlet of nitrogen. By doing so, we create a low-oxygen environment and thus prevent the chance of a fire or explosion.

Why choose oxygen reduction?

Prevention is better than cure: after all, no oxygen means no fire. The technique of expelling oxygen with nitrogen is our core business. Nitrogen reduction is extremely suitable for enclosed spaces where vulnerable or explosion hazardous products are stored. A traditional extinguishing system is not an option here. Presscon can also perform a feasibility study at your company to investigate whether nitrogen is a suitable solution.

Three elements that allow a fire to start and survive: fuel, heat and oxygen. (1) Remove one of these elements and a fire will not start or the fire will go out. (2) FX Prevent expels oxygen with nitrogen so that no fire starts.

We don’t extinguish fires, we prevent them.

LOX system: complete fire prevention system

Our LOX system consists of several nitrogen generators with compressors, an oxygen sensor system and an electronic control panel. This fire prevention system works on the principle of “hypoxic air technology. Through a regulated inlet of nitrogen, we permanently lower the oxygen level in a room to a point where combustion of vapors and/or materials is impossible. This prevents the occurrence of fires and explosions.

Advantages LOX system:

  • Modular and user-friendly system
  • Energy efficient
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Customization possible

Safe and reliable

The LOX system is the most reliable and safe fire prevention system. The protected spaces are still accessible to your personnel: we reduce the oxygen level to a level comparable to that at an altitude of 1,750 – 2,500 meters. At the entrance to the rooms, the oxygen level is clearly visible on a digital display. In case of an undesirable situation, a clear alarm with flashing light and alarm horn sounds.

The LOX system operates continuously and has a user-friendly touchscreen display that makes operating the system very easy. Visual displays of alarms make troubleshooting and troubleshooting easier. In addition, FX Prevent is happy to train your technicians to perform first-line maintenance and repairs.

Prevent fire

FX Prevent lowers the oxygen level in a room, preventing a fire from breaking out.

24/7  Service-line

FX Prevent’s systems continuously monitor the fire safety of your buildings, inventory and employees.

Lower energy costs

Save up to 50% on your energy consumption compared to other fire prevention systems.

Environmentally friendly

FX Prevent uses non-toxic gases to lower oxygen levels in your commercial buildings.

HP-PSA technology: an energy-efficient solution

Nitrogen generators are the heart of our LOX system. Powered by compressed air, these generators generate nitrogen using the HP-PSA technology (High Performance – Pressure Swing Adsorption) we developed. In this technology, separation of nitrogen and oxygen takes place by binding the oxygen molecules to a carbon molecular sieve: the Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS).

LOX Detect: precision oxygen sensor

Important part of the LOX system are the patented oxygen sensors: LOX Detect. These advanced oxygen measuring instruments are the only ones in the market that maintain the correct mixing ratio between oxygen and nitrogen.

Our certificates

Our oxygen reduction system is designed to prevent the occurrence or spread of fire by displacing oxygen with nitrogen. In designing and installing it, we must meet several criteria. These criteria include continuity, oxygen level measurements, alarm signals when oxygen levels are increased or decreased, and following proper protocols when oxygen levels are increased or decreased.

Our LOX system meets all relevant safety standards and guidelines.

We design, install, and maintain our LOX system in compliance with the requirements outlined in NEN-EN-16750, the widely accepted European standard for oxygen reduction systems.
Our LOX Detect precision sensors are VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH approved for fire prevention system use. VdS is Europe's leading independent certification body specializing in fire safety.
KIWA and FX Prevent developed the BRL K-21017 guideline for oxygen reduction systems, covering design, installation, maintenance, and organizational measures.
The compressed air installation of FX Prevent meet the standards for ISO 8573-1:2010: this specifies purity classes of compressed air.
All FX Prevent technicians are VCA certified.

HP-PSA technology: an energy-efficient solution

The technology we have developed is distinguished by an optimized air flow in the generator and a unique pressure system for the activated carbon. As a result, our system requires little compressed air to produce nitrogen (2m3 of compressed air for 1m3 of 95% pure nitrogen) and a lower capacity compressor is sufficient. The energy consumption is therefore significantly lower than comparable fire prevention systems and provides you with substantial energy savings.

Advantages HP-PSA:

  • Long carbon lifetime
  • Low risk of carbon dust formation
  • Low compressed air factor required and thus lower energy consumption
  • Precise nitrogen purity

LOX Detect: precision oxygen measurement

That’s because they are pressure-, temperature- and RRV-compensated. Air pressure, temperature and humidity have a great influence on the measurement of oxygen. The deviation can be as high as ± 2%. Since there was no compensating oxygen sensor on the market, we developed our own oxygen sensor. It is patented and has a deviation of ± 0.1%. In addition to this accuracy, our oxygen sensor is recalibratable, so they do not have to be completely replaced. This ensures cost savings.

Our LOX Detect precision sensors are one of the few oxygen sensors approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, for use in fire prevention systems. VdS is one of Europe’s leading independent certification bodies, specializing in the field of fire safety.

Advantages LOX-Detect

  • Deviation tolerance of only 0.1%
  • Full software calibration on 5 points
  • Insensitive to barometric pressure changes
  • Can be used at very high and low temperatures
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.01
  • Pressure, temperature and RH compensated