First UL-certified panel built

Fire prevention specialist for North America

In addition to being a specialist in building fire prevention systems for Europe, we can also call ourselves specialists for North America. We recently built our first UL-certified panel for America. 

Fire prevention system LOX

This means that this electrical control panel, which controls our LOX fire prevention system, complies with the regulation set by North America. This UL quality mark focuses mainly on (fire) safety for humans, animals and the environment and is the result of a collaboration between insurance companies.

Skilled team of mechanics

A special team of technicians knows all the ins and outs of the requirements and rules. Building an electrical switchboard according to UL standards therefore holds no secrets for them. It is enormously important that they observe these rules and requirements properly and thereby only use installations and components for their intended purpose.

Only with the UL approval may we use our LOX fire prevention system in North America. We are therefore proud to say that we are specialists in fire prevention by oxygen reduction for Europe and North America!

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