Delivered in Southern Europe

LOX fire prevention system delivered for an automatic cold store in Southern Europe.

At the beginning of this year we delivered a LOX fire prevention system for an automatic cold store in Southern Europe.
A few years ago, an oxygen reduction system was installed at this company by one of our competitors. Unfortunately, this system did not meet customer expectations.
Due to repeated failures and unpredictable energy consumption, the decision was made to invest in a more reliable and energy efficient solution.
Extensive research into alternatives brought the customer into contact with FX Prevent, after which it was decided to purchase.

Our solution

To meet the requirements of this project, we designed and built a LOX fire prevention system with a production capacity of 150 m3 of 95% pure nitrogen per hour. To be able to produce this flow, the LOX system uses a 15 kW compressor and a 30 kW compressor that together supply the required 270 m3 of compressed air. The system is designed in such a way that the 30kW compressor is used as much as possible at night (when energy costs are lower), and the 15kW compressor is used during the day.

The system also uses our own LOX-Detect precision oxygen sensors as well as our LOX controller with remote monitoring.

Using our HP-PSA technology, the expected energy savings are up to 40% compared to the old system.

Project details

  • Protected space: 90,000 m3
  • Temperature in the protected area: -25 °C
  • Warehouse application: Storage of frozen foodstuffs
  • Required oxygen content: 17%
  • Oxygen sensor calibration: sea level, barometric pressure: 1.013 mBar and an outside temperature of 20 °C.
  • Redundancy (reserve) capacity: 25%
  • N50 Value: 0.02
  • Type of pallets used: 1.00 x 1.20 x 2.25m
  • Average incoming and outgoing goods (one pallet per door opening):
  • Input: 125 pallets per day
  • Output: 125 pallets per day

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