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Dafgårds is a Swedish food producer founded in 1937 by Gunnar Dafgård. Dafgårds is a family business known as a pioneer in frozen meals. The success and continuity of the company is due to the family’s commitment to follow the ambition of their grandfather Gunnar, the focus on quality and innovation. In 2015, Dafgårds is expanding their production facility in Källby by building a state-of-the-art automatic high-rise cold store with an area of approximately 4,100 m2. The cold store has a height of 34 meters (a total volume of approximately 140,000 m3) and an operating temperature of -28° Celsius.

Importance of fire prevention

As it is an automatic system that operates at low temperatures, it is very important to minimize the risk of overheating or electrical failure of cables, discs or other sub-components so that they cannot ignite. Fire in this extremely dry environment can spread quickly. The solution Dafgårds chose to protect their investment, projects, employees and business continuity is a LOX (Low Oxygen) fire prevention system.

Energy efficient

Because Dafgårds opted for a sustainable cold store, our LOX fire prevention system beat the competition through unparalleled energy efficiency. Compared to conventional PSA systems and membrane systems, our LOX fire prevention system saves up to 50% on energy costs.

LOX system

The system we designed and built uses two 30 kW compressors (one of which provides a redundant system) and one 22 kW compressor. The airflow capacity of the system is approximately 300 m3 per hour with a nitrogen concentration of 95%. By blowing this hypoxic air into the cold store, the oxygen content is reduced to 16%. At this point, the start and spread of fire is impossible.

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