Presscon expands in North America

Canadian entrepreneur Gabe Schieven driven to expand Presscon’s presence in North America

Presscon and Schieven are working together to establish a subsidiary in Canada in the central Okanagan area. This will be Presscon’s second location and will serve as a launchpad for various projects in North America. The focus is on supplying products to industries like horticultural greenhouses, breweries, wineries and fire prevention.

Expansion of activities

 “Our plan involves setting up a warehouse and office in the central Okanagan area. We’ll handle sales both in-house and those from Presscon NL, making the process smoother for our clients. The equipment assembly will be done here in Canada, and we’ll offer service and maintenance from the same location. We are committed to providing the same customer experience seen in Europe to North America,” according to Schieven.

Immediately hooked

Gabe Schieven was first introduced to Presscon’s products in early 2023 and was immediately hooked. “I’m a Canadian entrepreneur with an academic journey that took me through University of British Columbia. I studied mechanical engineering and chemistry. In my professional life, I’ve explored various realms, from delving into research and development in physics, especially the intriguing world of cold plasma, to delving into chemistry with a focus on pharmaceuticals. It was during these endeavors that I had the privilege of encountering Presscon.”

A 3-month working visit

In autumn 2023, I spent a rewarding three months at Presscon, driven by the curiosity to see if I could help Presscon expand its presence in North America. It all started when I first encountered Presscon’s innovative products back in early 2023, and I was immediately hooked. I saw the potential for these systems to benefit businesses in Canada and the US, so I embarked on this working visit.

Technically well-trained

Schieven is an engineer by trade and not a commercial type. “Let me clarify, I don’t see myself as a typical salesperson. My true aim is to contribute to the growth of Presscon’s businesses in North America. Whether it’s by offering more cost-effective options, ensuring equipment protection, or promoting eco-friendly solutions, my goal is to support our potential customers in achieving their objectives.”

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