Fire prevention applications

Fire prevention for business environments

The benefits of preventing fire, rather than extinguishing it, make oxygen reduction systems well suited for applications where fire causes irreplaceable damage and where traditional fire suppression systems are unacceptable or ill-suited.

Our LOX system is a proactive fire protection technology based on permanently reducing oxygen levels in protected areas. The technology of reducing oxygen by administering nitrogen has been used in various industries for decades.

Cold stores

Li-ion battery storage

Archive repositories

Data centers


Storage of hazardous materials

Prevent fire

FX Prevent lowers the oxygen level in a room, preventing a fire from breaking out.

24/7  Service-line

FX Prevent’s systems continuously monitor the fire safety of your buildings, inventory and employees.

Lower energy costs

Save up to 50% on your energy consumption compared to other fire prevention systems.

Environmentally friendly

FX Prevent uses non-toxic gases to lower oxygen levels in your commercial buildings.