LOX Fire Prevention System by Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele – LOX Fire Prevention System – Athies, France

FX Prevent is proud to announce the completion of a LOX Fire Prevention system, commissioned by Belgian food producer VANDEMOORTELE, in Athies, France. Vandermoortele is a Belgian family business founded in 1899. The company specializes in confectionery products, culinary oils and fats. In a century Vandemoortele has grown into a truly international food company. This thanks to their dedication to authentic dishes, food tradition, and technology.

Preventing fire

Vandemoortele approached FX Prevent with the request to design and build a LOX oxygen reduction – fire prevention system for the refrigerated high bay warehouse of their modern production facility in Athies, France. Being a fully automatic warehouse that operates in sub-zero temperatures, Vandemoortele recognizes the importance of taking the best possible preventive measures to protect their investment and their employees against potential fire outbreaks.

Surface to be protected

Because ambient air is extremely dry in refrigerated warehouses, the likelihood of fire outbreaks, due to a possible failure of automation equipment or sparks spreading much more quickly, is higher. It is therefore of utmost importance to protect the warehouse by reducing the oxygen level to 16.8%, making combustion almost impossible.
The 30 meter high warehouse has a total volume of approximately 63,000 m3. Taking into account the warehouse inputs and outputs and the inherent air leakage, we developed and built a LOX Oxygen Reduction Fire Prevention System capable of producing 465 m3 of nitrogen (in gaseous form) per hour.

LOX system

Our nitrogen production units are built using only high quality components. The design of the units makes access to components easy, which reduces downtime during maintenance operations. The system consists of 4 nitrogen production units that work together to guarantee an air flow of 465 m3 per hour with a nitrogen content of 95%.
Due to the energy efficiency of our LOX nitrogen production units and their long life cycle, we are confident that Vandemoortele will achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership for this system. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

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