Moving a system in operation

Moving an oxygen reduction system in an operational cold store

Mission accomplished! Moving the existing LOX system in a fully operational cold store with frozen products. Without shutting down the operation. We were happy to take on this challenge. Successfully. Within the set timeframe, our technicians installed the existing LOX system one floor below.The reason for this was the expansion of our customer’s freezing capacity. We immediately seized the opportunity to recalculate parts of the system. A smart calculation indicated that replacing a number of parts will result in maintenance cost savings for our customer in the long term. We like to think along with our customers in smart solutions that our customers can benefit from and thus build a long-term collaboration.  

Fire prevention in fully automated cold stores

Our customer is a global player in frozen foods. To protect these products in fully automatic cold stores, Presscon FX Prevent designed and built several LOX systems to prevent the occurrence of fires and explosions.  

Expert in oxygen reduction

Presscon FX Prevent is an expert in fire prevention through oxygen reduction. Our LOX system lowers the oxygen content in the air and thus permanently prevents the occurrence of fires and explosions. This method of fire prevention is extremely suitable for enclosed spaces where, for example, a sprinkler system is less suitable. Think of (frozen) food, server rooms, electrical cabinets, museums, archives and storage of hazardous substances. 

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