Euroberry South Africa

First LOX Fire Prevention

Recently, FX-Prevent delivered the first LOX Fire Prevention System in South Africa. The LOX installation was commissioned by Euroberry (Pty Ltd) and brokered by our South African distributors, Nitro-Gen Africa. Euroberry is a supplier of frozen fruit in the South African market with in its range: fruit purees, fruit concentrates and dried fruit. Euroberry was founded in 2000 and today has three cold stores and distribution centers in the main commercial centers of: Somerset West (headquarters), Johannesburg and Durban.

Euroberry approached FX-Prevent through our South African distributor, Nitro-Gen Africa, with a request to design and build a LOX Oxygen Reduction – Fire Prevention System for the high bay refrigerated warehouse at their Cape Town manufacturing facility.

Why FX prevent?

Because the air in refrigerated warehouses is extremely dry, there is a greater chance of a fire breaking out. It is therefore very important to protect the warehouse. By lowering the oxygen level to 17%, fire cannot start and propagate. Euroberry recognized the importance of taking the best possible fire safety precautions to protect their investments and employees from a potential fire. One of Euroberry’s main reasons for choosing the LOX fire prevention system was the high energy efficiency of our HP-PSA Nitrogen Generator Units.

LOX systeem

Our nitrogen production units are built with high-quality components and the units are designed in such a way that they can continue to produce during maintenance. The compressed air capacity required for the LOX nitrogen system is supplied by two compressors to achieve redundancy here as well. The warehouse has a total volume of approximately 13,000 m3.

Taking into account the input to and output from the warehouse and the air leakage, we developed and built a LOX oxygen reduction that can produce sufficient nitrogen per hour. By blowing 95% pure nitrogen into the cold store, the oxygen level is reduced to 17%; this is automatically kept level at all times.

LOX Detect – precision sensor

To properly monitor the oxygen level in protected areas, FX-Prevent has installed nine LOX Detect sensors. The adjacent rooms and the technical room are also monitored by LOX Detect.

Control panel

The system also features two LCD screens (with oxygen level reading) and visual and audible alarms, which monitor the access doors. A touchscreen control unit is installed in the technical room to secure the system.

Due to the energy efficiency of our LOX oxygen reduction system and their life cycle, we are confident that Euroberry will achieve the lowest possible TCO for this system.

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